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31 Years Ago: David Gilmour Releases 'About Face'

Mar 6 2015 13:50pm

David Gilmour has never been the speediest fellow when it comes to maintaining his solo career. Continue reading…

Jimmy Page Claims Victory in Neighborhood Dispute

Mar 6 2015 13:37pm

Jimmy Page has apparently won a community argument with Robbie Williams over a proposed underground extension at his pop-star neighbor's central London home. Continue reading…

Pat Travers Announces New 'Retro Rocket' Album

Mar 6 2015 12:51pm

Pat Travers returns March 17 with his latest studio album, Retro Rocket. Continue reading…

Watch Kiss Perform Special Acoustic Set at Japanese Meet-and-Greet

Mar 6 2015 11:17am

The full-blown Kiss concert experience is big enough to require the occasional use of pre-recorded backing tracks, but that doesn't mean the group has forgotten how to deliver an old-fashioned, stripped-down acoustic set. Continue reading…

45 Years Ago: Charles Manson's Music Sees the Light of Day

Mar 6 2015 10:45am

As Charles Manson awaited trial for the 1969 murders of seven people, the music he had recorded in 1967 and 1968 saw the light of day. Continue reading…

Steven Adler Hasn't Seen Axl Rose Since 2006

Mar 6 2015 10:03am

Steven Adler is on record as being in support of a reunion of the classic Guns N' Roses lineup, but that doesn't mean he has any special influence over bandleader Axl Rose. Continue reading…


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