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23 Years Ago: Freddie Mercury Dies

Nov 24 2014 7:55am

Freddie Mercury was the face of Queen's wildly popular mixture of hard rock, pop, cabaret, glam and opera in the '70s, before becoming one the the AIDS virus' most well-known casualties in the '90s. Continue reading…

23 Years Ago: Kiss Drummer Eric Carr Dies

Nov 24 2014 6:13am

Eric Carr of Kiss died on Nov. 24, 1991 after a brave battle with heart cancer. Continue reading…

AC/DC Release 'Rock or Bust' Video

Nov 24 2014 0:10am

AC/DC have released the video for the title track to their 2014 album 'Rock or Bust.' Continue reading…

Robert Plant Explains Refusal to Reunite with Led Zeppelin

Nov 23 2014 19:43pm

Robert Plant has taken some slings and arrows recently for refusing to reunite with Led Zeppelin, but he says his restless need to try new things actually traces back to before he ever met Jimmy Page. Continue reading…

15 Years Ago: Metallica Makes a Bold Move with 'S&M'

Nov 23 2014 11:04am

'S&M,' Metallica’s daring encounter with a symphony orchestra, was released 15 years ago without the slightest hint of irony about the potential pain and pleasure it might impart upon the band’s fan base. Continue reading…

5 Years Ago: Tom Petty Goes Deep with the Heartbreakers' 'Live Anthology'

Nov 23 2014 9:45am

When Tom Petty decided he wanted to encapsulate what he and the Heartbreakers could do in concert, he went all the way. Continue reading…


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