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38 Years Ago: Aerosmith Injured Onstage in Philadelphia

Oct 10 2015 13:33pm

Aerosmith found out just how rough a town Philadelphia can be when a fan threw an M-80 onstage on Oct. 10, 1977. Continue reading…

40 Years Ago: Deep Purple Rebuilds, Then Breaks Apart After 'Come Taste the Band'

Oct 10 2015 13:09pm

A moment in which Deep Purple might have been reborn turned into a death knell, as their newly rejiggered lineup fell to pieces just after the release of 'Come Taste the Band.' Continue reading…

35 Years Ago: Thin Lizzy Try to Conquer Adversity With 'Chinatown'

Oct 10 2015 12:41pm

Thin Lizzy dealt with some lineup changes in order to release 'Chinatown' on Oct. 10, 1980. Continue reading…

Megadeth Leave 'Holy Wars… The Punishment Due' Out of Chinese Set Lists

Oct 10 2015 12:17pm

Dave Mustaine says that Megadeth agreed to not play one of their most popular songs in China due to the nation's laws. Continue reading…

Depeche Mode Singer Dave Gahan Says Metallica Writes 'Pop Songs'

Oct 10 2015 11:14am

Despite the sonic differences, Dave Gahan says there's not much difference between his band and Metallica. Continue reading…

25 Years Ago: Warren Zevon Teams Up With R.E.M. for 'Hindu Love Gods'

Oct 10 2015 10:23am

A 1987 jam session between Warren Zevon and three members of R.E.M. wound up being released in 1990 as 'Hindu Love Gods.' Continue reading…


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